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Fleet Services

The SCESC presently has 169 vehicles. Only certified “yellow school buses” are used. Bus capacity ranges from 16 to 54 passengers.
Certified mechanics, who are both state and nationally recognized, maintain the school bus fleet at the large 3-bay facility at 568 Central Avenue in Bridgewater. Combined, they have over 40 years experience.
The MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) inspects school buses twice a year. The SCESC is considered to have one of the best-maintained fleets in the entire state. The SCESC fleet is used as an example of how a school bus fleet should be maintained and presented for inspection.

Does your school district need assistance during your semi-annual MVC inspection? Our mechanics can assist you with minor repair issues and diagnostics. Also, the SCESC offers bus rentals to cover your routes if a bus is pulled during inspection.