About Us

The Somerset County Educational Services Commission (SCESC) is a public educational agency, established under New Jersey Statute Title 18A, that serves as the catalyst for cooperative education, administration, and financing. The State of New Jersey mandates that school districts provide instruction and educational services to all students regardless of their level of need.
Districts unable to provide the necessary educational programming or support services for a student can have their needs met through the SCESC. The SCESC has been providing shared educational services and programs for school districts in Somerset and neighboring counties since 1978.
The SCESC provides coordination, educational programs, and transportation (including wheelchair accessible vans) for public and non-public schools in and out of county for all districts in need of services. For example, districts with relatively few special education students of various ages compounded by a lack of necessary infrastructure and support services (i.e., counseling, nursing), can have their needs met through SCESC services.
The SCESC offers the following:
- Special Education for grades K-12+
- Alternative Education for Middle & High School Programs, grades 6-12
- Full Day & Part Day Programs in Retail/Supermarket Careers, Combined Building Trades, Power Engine - Technology, Business/Entrepreneurship, and Culinary for Grades 6-12+
- Customized In-District Educational Programs
- Life Skills
- Alternative to Suspension
- Extended School Year (ESY)
- Nonpublic/Public Programs & Services
- Coordinated In-County & Out-of-County Public and Nonpublic Transportation
- Special Education Transportation
- Charters & Field Trips
In addition to qualified educators and small class sizes, the SCESC supports student needs with fulltime school psychologists, social workers (LCSW’S/ LSW’S), and a clinician through Rutgers UBHC. All students receive Individual and group counseling as needed. UBHC clients receive family counseling through Rutgers. The SCESC has a guidance counselor, SAC, reading specialist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, Crisis Intervention Team, and a school nurse on staff to provide additional student support, as needed. All SCESC students benefit from the free breakfast and lunch program.